Amelia Airbus A319 Cockpit Ferry Flight Halfway Across the World

Amelia Airlines proudly becomes the 345th airline featured, and this program offers a truly unique experience. Follow an Amelia Airbus A319, previously leased to Air Calin in Nouméa, New Caledonia, as it makes its way halfway around the world back to Europe. This exceptional ferry flight takes us through six countries across three continents, showcasing the meticulous planning and seamless execution required for such an undertaking.

The Journey of Amelia's Airbus A319

The Airbus A319's journey begins in the picturesque islands of New Caledonia, located in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Known for its stunning lagoons and rich marine life, Nouméa provides a beautiful backdrop as the aircraft takes off on its long voyage.

Leg 1: Nouméa to Brisbane, Australia
The first leg of the journey brings the A319 to Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane's bustling cityscape and vibrant culture starkly contrast the serene beauty of Nouméa. This initial leg sets the tone for the meticulous coordination and precise navigation required for the rest of the trip.

Leg 2: Brisbane to Manila, Philippines
From Brisbane, the A319 heads to Manila, the bustling capital of the Philippines. The flight crew navigates through varying weather conditions and air traffic control zones, showcasing their expertise and adaptability.

Leg 3: Manila to Delhi, India
The next destination is Delhi, India. Flying over diverse landscapes and regions, this leg highlights the aircraft's capabilities and the crew's proficiency in managing long-haul flights across different time zones.

Leg 4: Delhi to Istanbul, Turkey
As the A319 leaves Asia, it heads toward the historic city of Istanbul, Turkey. This leg covers vast distances and offers breathtaking aerial views of some of the world's most iconic landscapes, including the rugged terrain of the Middle East.

Leg 5: Istanbul to Vienna, Austria
Entering Europe, the A319 makes its way to Vienna, Austria. The European airspace brings new challenges, including congested air traffic and complex navigational routes. The crew's skillful handling of these challenges is a testament to their training and experience.

Leg 6: Vienna to the Final Destination in Europe
The final leg of the journey sees the A319 reaching its home destination in Europe. The sense of accomplishment and relief is palpable as the aircraft touches down, completing its remarkable voyage.

Behind the Scenes with JustPlanes

This program offers an exclusive look behind the scenes, with in-depth cockpit footage, insightful commentary from the flight crew, and detailed explanations of the planning and execution involved in such a complex operation. Viewers get to experience the nuances of long-haul ferry flights, including the coordination with different air traffic control centers, fuel management, and the intricacies of international aviation regulations.

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